GPS Global Positioning System

Our Software will enable you to access information in REAL TIME, ANYTIME & ANYWHERE

Free GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker Service, will provide you with free gps trackers to help track your fleets to its precise location using real time and live traffic updates.

 No software to install or maintain with our web based application.

Unlimited Monthly Data Plan for Only


NO Activation Fee
NO Installation Fee on 10 or more
Minimum (1) Year contract

Savings of $175.00/unit


Live GPS Vehicle Tracking features 30 second position updates! See current vehicle data: speed, direction of travel, ignition status, watch your vehicles move on your screen turn by turn, 90 day comprehensive historical playback, start/stop reporting, speed, zone alerts and more! GPS Tracking Devices are powerful tools used by both businesses and individuals in a number of ways. Our systems allow you to track your most valuable assets in real time, literally from all over the world. Pinpoint any tracked vehicle where they are going and how fast in real time. In additional, with our devices you can monitor and view where your vehicle has been. 

Complete more jobs per week, Reduce fuel costs, Track scheduled maintenance, View proof of visit and time on site, Optimize scheduling and routing, Reduce administration, Time sheets, etc. 

All - Instantly viewed in browsers, no special software required. Works with Internet Explorer(R), Microsoft. Firefox (R), Sun Microsystems, Safari (R), Apple Computers & most other browsers and most Internet ready mobile phones. 

Live tracking all over the world!

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My goal is to provide both businesses and individuals with the capability to instantly locate whatever you value most. Track status, time, location, speed, fuel use and driver safety. Whether you are tracking a fleet vehicle or a prized asset, our line of advanced technology GPS/GPSR tracking devices work anytime. All GPS products are real-time & historical trackers that never incur overcharges - for continuous 24/7 tracking services. That means you can have the peace of mind that your vehicle is being operated responsibly, because your DTN GPS device is always on the job." 
by President of GPS Tracker Service, Inc

FREE TRACKER - $29.99 Unlimited data plan

  • NO Activation Fee
  • NO Installation Fee on 10 or more
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Plan Per Unit
  • Minimum (1) Year contract
  • One month pre-paid

Motorcycle GPS Tracker (WaterProof)

This compact vehicle tracker great for motorcycles, electric golf cars, and ordinary car.

Powerful Magnetic & Waterproof tracker

Powerful magnet mount allows for installation inside, outside or underneath the vehicle


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